Sulje ostoskori

Dressmann + Blue Ribbon = <3

We are especially happy about selling ties in November. That’s because 10 kroner from each sale will be donated to the Blue Ribbon action and their work combatting prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in Norway. Each year, more than 5,000 Norwegian men are affected and more than 100 die of the disease annually.


The Norwegian Cancer Society and the Norwegian Prostate Cancer Society stand united in the Blue Ribbon Action, which is held in November each year. The aim is to increase awareness and knowledge, as well as to demonstrate solidarity with those affected, and collect money for research on prostate cancer.


Dressmann proudly displays the blue ribbon and is happy to be able to contribute to increased awareness and help support research on prostate cancer.


For every tie you purchase at Dressmann in November, 10 kroner will go directly to the Blue Ribbon action. And we don’t stop there: The profit from each paper bag you purchase goes to the Blue Ribbon action, and you can also pitch in by rounding up your purchase amount at the cash register while shopping with us. 


And this charitable cooperation truly helps! Last year, the Dressmann stores in Finland collected more than 15,000 Euro for the action, while the Dressmann stores across Europe collected over 105,000 Euro.


Sincere thanks to all contributors!