It goes with everything on everyone and never goes out of style. Check out our wide assortment of white shirts!

Easy Care Regular Fit 


Looking for a style that is reasonable, easy to care for and versatile? Say hello to Easy Care Regular Fit!

An affordable shirt with a versatile cutaway collar, breast pocket and somewhat looser fit. It is made with a dobby structure that makes for a delicate texture, and the fabric in cotton and polyester feels light as a feather against your skin. And perhaps best of all: this treat is basically wrinkle-free!

SEK 299


Tip! Has your shirt lost a button? Thanks to Dressmann’s lifetime guaranty on buttons, you can simply drop by a Dressmann shop and pick yourself up a whole new shirt! 

Easy Care Slim Fit


Once you try wearing the Easy Care Slim Fit, you’ll realise that it is actually possible to find an affordable white shirt that fits superbly.

This is the slim version of the more loosely-fitting and straighter Easy Care shirt. In addition to this one following the contour of your body more, it has all the nice features of its “big brother”: This one is also easily cared for and wrinkle-free along with having a delicate 

texture, cutaway collar, breast pocket – and both a fabric and a price that are extremely comfortable.

SEK 299


Tip! Always wash your white shirts together with other white garments so they will remain white and fresh

Easy Care Short Sleeve


Do you miss your Easy Care shirt on warm days? Here’s the summer version!

The Easy Care Short Sleeve is identical to the Easy Care Regular Fit – only it has short sleeves. In other words, this is the perfect summer shirt for those of you who want a classic and affordable shirt featuring light and comfortable quality without the need to spend precious holiday time toiling over an ironing board.


SEK 199


Tip! Verify that the shirt fits across your shoulders by checking to see if the seam where the arms start is placed exactly where your shoulder becomes your arm.

Cotton Stretch Slim Fit 


Satin Stretch Slim Fit does wonders under your suit coat.

The slim fit, glossy surface, stretchiness, and cutaway collar make this shirt ideal for wearing with a suit coat – or with a sweater, as far as that goes. Considering that it is also comfortable and basically wrinkle-free, it is perhaps no surprise that this is one of our most popular shirts.

SEK 499


Tip! This shirt comes with either regular or extra-long sleeves.

Cotton Stretch Slim Fit Short Sleeve


Stay stylish in the heat without sweating up a storm.

The new short-sleeved version of the Satin Stretch shirt makes it easy to look presentable at the office or at a summer party. The satin weave provides a smooth and nice appearance, and the fabric in cotton and elastane is comfortable against the skin while the slim fit makes it perfect for tucking into your pants or shorts.  

SEK 399


Tip! Remember that the short sleeves should fit comfortably over your biceps.

Shirt Cotton Knitted Slim Fit


Shirt Cotton Knitted Slim Fit is both easy to care for and easy to style. 

Everyone who has dreamed of a shirt that doesn’t look like a wrinkled-up raisin after a few hours in the car or on a flight is going to love this new arrival. It happens to be made of jersey fabric with a natural stretch – which does not wrinkle. And as if that weren’t enough, the design and slim fit ensures that it works just as well with a blazer as it does with shorts.

SEK 399


Tip! Are you unsure about whether to tuck your shirt into your pants or not? A good rule of thumb is that everyday shirts can easily hang outside your pants, but shirts you wear with dress (suit) pants or for a more formal look should be tucked in.

Shirt Cotton Premium Regular Fit


Shirt Cotton Premium is like a short-cut to being well-dressed in a flash.

Allow us to present you our absolute bestseller: A classic, regular fit shirt made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton, which is among the best types of cotton there is. The exclusive fabric ensures premium quality and a shiny surface, which is also easy to iron. You just can’t go wrong with this one!  

SEK 599


Tip! Remember that for more formal occasions, you’ll do well to fasten more of your buttons.

Shirt Cotton Premium Short Sleeve 


Our best-selling white shirt – now available for your summer wardrobe!

Shirt Cotton Premium Short Sleeve is a little treasure trove for everyone who wants to maintain a formal style even if the temperature is sky high. The shirt is made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton, which both looks and feels fantastic – and the somewhat looser fit is perfect for warmer days.

SEK 499


Tip! Select the shirt/short wash cycle when washing your shirts in the washing machine. By reducing the number of spin cycles, the shirt will be less wrinkled when you take it out – in addition to how the drying process helps to straighten the fabric.

Shirt Cotton Premium Slim Fit 


If this slim fit shirt is added to your wardrobe, it’s certain to be a favourite for years to come.

The Shirt Cotton Premium Slim Fit is crafted in two-ply Egyptian cotton, which ensures reliable quality so that the shirt retains its fit year after year. The fabric is easy to iron and has a nice gloss, while the cutaway collar works well with many tie widths and knots. This is the shirt you pull out when you want to be extra well-dressed and feel marvellous about it!

SEK 599


Tip! Want to give your shirt a personal touch? Replace the cufflinks with your favourite pair!

Shirt Cotton Premium Seasonal


You can trust that this shirt will keep itself and you fresh for extended periods.  

Shirt Cotton Premium Seasonal is a somewhat coarser version of the Shirt Cotton Premium. This one is also regular fit, crafted in two-ply Egyptian cotton and has a glossy surface and premium quality. However, it has a bit more texture, as well as double cuffs, and it’s an excellent alternative for nicer occasions.

SEK 599,-


Tip! Do you really know the difference between the various kinds of shirt collar? We made a quick guide!

Tuxedo Shirt Wing Collar 


No tuxedo is complete without a classic tuxedo shirt.

Tux Shirt Wing Collar is a classically nice tuxedo shirt with piqué weaving in the front and winged collar that works superbly with a bow tie. It is crafted in two-ply yarn made of exclusive Egyptian cotton, which ensures premium quality, an easy-to-iron surface and a perfect, glossy look.

SEK 599


Tip! If you wear patent leather shoes with your tuxedo, it’s smart to remember that they don’t like impregnation, sub-zero temperatures or excessive heat. The best way to care for them is by removing dirt using a cloth or wad of cotton dampened with lukewarm water.

Tux Shirt Pleats 


If you want to give your tuxedo an extra sophisticated and tight look, this is the shirt you need.

Tux Shirt Pleats is an extra elegant tuxedo shirt with folds in the front, hidden buttons, cutaway collar and double cuffs. It’s crafted with two-ply yarn made of exclusive Egyptian cotton and has excellent, easy-to-iron quality.

SEK 599


Tip! To determine the perfect shirt collar size, you should be able to put two fingers inside a buttoned collar without it being too tight.

D+LJ Formal Shirt 


This is for those of you who want to take the white shirt style up a few notches.

D+LJ Formal Shirt is a distinctive white shirt from the Dressmann collection of stylist Lalle Johnson. This is a formal dress shirt in 100 percent Egyptian cotton, with a defined button-down collar, which is typical for modern Italian design. It has a tailored fit and combines a stylish appearance with maximum comfort.

SEK 599


Tip! No time for ironing? Hang your shirt in the bathroom while you shower! The steam from the hot water will help to straighten out wrinkles.

Shirt Cotton Oxford Slim Fit 


This shirt makes every day a party.

Thanks to its coarse texture, durable cotton and classic button-down collar, the Shirt Cotton Oxford Slim Fit is the ultimate shirt for leisure wear. The slim fit is ideal to wear with jeans or chinos and can also easily be jazzed up with a blazer for a semi-formal appearance. And if you like to keep the shirt’s top button undone, the Oxford shirt is absolutely perfect!

SEK 299


Tip! If you want a particularly casual appearance, you can go up a size so that the shirt has a slightly looser fit.